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Here at Ductless Systems, we carry a line of products that are flexible to all walks of life. Whether you wish to cool a room, a house or a business space, our line of wares has something for you. Our split systems have a few features that put us above the competition:


Forget the old days of taking out a window or cutting your wall. Now, it’s as simple as drilling one hole for the condenser and the blower to connect.
The noise associated with window units is virtually non-existent with our sleek models.
Each unit is accompanied with a remote control to maximize convenience. With a simple click you can manage the temperature of your space without having to move.
Due to the design of our units, they can be placed almost anywhere so as to maximize space.
We have many parts that can accentuate your unit, as we know each customer wishes for it to aesthetically accentuate as well. Vertical and Horizontal Elbow Joints are available along with Line Hide that can cover up all the wiring on the outside. Once the wires are covered, they can be painted the same color of your building to blend with the surrounding wall.
Condenser Brackets are optionally provided if you wish for the condenser to be suspended on the wall and not placed on the ground.
Economical and Energy Efficient.
A nine-month warranty is automatic for all units that are purchased and installed through us.
All of our units are Mitsubishi, a brand that is internationally renown for it’s electronic craftsmanship and durability.
Delivery to the airport or to the Dock can be provided if you wish to ship your item.


Ductless Systems
Chigo/Lakes Metal Split Units
R22 — Gas BTU Seer Price Ton Installation
110V 9,000 13 $475 0.75 $250 (Electrical not included)
110V 12,000 13 $525 1 $250 (Electrical not included)
220V 18,000 13 $725 1.5 $300 (Electrical not included)
220V 24,000 13 $980 2 $300 (Electrical not included)
Window Unit BTU Seer Price Ton Installation
110V 9,000 13 $425 0.75 $225 (Electrical not included)
Portable BTU Seer Price Ton  
110V 12,000 13 $655 1  
Condenser Brackets     Price   Installation
      $35   $30


Mitsubishi Metal Split Units
R410A — Gas BTU Seer Price Ton Installation
220V 9,000 24.6 $1,475 0.75 $450/$850 2nd Floor (Electrical not included)
220V 12,000 23.1 $1,675 1 $450/$850 2nd Floor (Electrical not included)
220V 18,000 20.5 $2,250 1.5 $550/$850 2nd Floor (Electrical not included)
220V 24,000 20.5 $2,750 2 $550/$850 2nd Floor (Electrical not included)
Condenser Brackets     Price    


Delivery Costs
Delivery to mail boat $75


Bahamas Cooling Requirements Guide

Below is a guide meant to give you a basic understanding of cooling requirements relevant to The Bahamas’ tropical climate for any particular space.

Square Footage of Area x 55 = BTU required
e.g.: (11’ x 12’) x 55 = 7,260
According to the above calculation, this client would need a 10,000 BTU.


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