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A/C Tips

Here are some tips to maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioning. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us online or call (242) 322-5560.


Close drapes to keep out the hot daytime sun, especially on south and west-facing windows. Sunny windows make air conditioners work 2 to 3 times harder.
Air filter(s) MUST be clean. They should be located near the return air duct adjacent to the air handler or in a return air grill(s). Check your air filter every 30 to 90 days to make sure it is clean. Depending on the house, i.e. if you have animals you may need to clean the air filter more often. Make sure air vents are not blocked by furniture, drapes, or other household items.
Don't set your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool your home any faster and could result in excessive cooling and, therefore, unnecessary expense.
Consider using an interior fan in conjunction with your window air conditioner to spread the cooled air more effectively through your home without greatly increasing your power use.
Don't place lamps, TV sets, or computers near your thermostat. The thermostat senses the heat from these appliances, which can cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary.
Plant trees or shrubs to shade air-conditioning units but not to block the airflow. A unit operating in the shade uses as much as 10% less electricity than the same one operating in the sun.
Flip the switch on the thermostat for the fan setting to FAN ON, not AUTO. This will run the indoor fan nonstop. The outside A/C unit will still cycle with a call for cooling from the thermostat. The constant air moving will keep you cooler. You can probably keep the thermostat a degree or two higher then normal and still feel comfortable. You will also maintain a more even temperature between upstairs and downstairs. This will SAVE you MONEY because the outdoor condenser will not come on as much!
Never cover the A/C with plastic or an airtight cover; this will cause it to rust.
Do NOT let animals (Cats) (Dogs) etc., urinate on the outside coil. This will cause it to corrode (rust) and then leak refrigerant.
Keep grass & weeds from blocking air flow on outside A/C.
Do NOT build a deck close to the top of the outside A/C or anything else that could cause the warm discharge air to re-circulate back to the unit.
Never turn the A/C off then back on in less then five minutes, this will short-cycle the compressor and can trip breakers, blow fuses, or cause permanent damage to the compressor. You should have a time-delay installed on the A/C to prevent this during power outages! This will increase the life expectancy of the compressor by starting faster thus keeping motor temperature down, using less electricity to start.

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